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The world's most inspiring library of climbing films is home to the world's most inspiring collection of climbing and mountaineering films.

Every year the world's greatest climbers and adventurers push the boundaries of what can be achieved, but climbers and alpinists don't perform in stadiums and their feats aren't broadcast live, on TV - they toil alone, on the wall and far from the world's gaze.

As a result, a unique culture of cinematography has grown up around climbing. People that endevour to record these historic moments - artists in extreme, remote and difficult locations - all striving to capture the greatest achievements - and the greatest achievements are happening right now, in our time. We have entered a new golden age for climbing as an athletic pursuit as well as a creative art-form. is a project to map the creative industry around climbing. Every climber that has ever lived, every cinematographer, production house, sponsor and festival that forms the body of creative arts in climbing and alpinism - all of them will be recorded and meticulously tagged so that the connections between us all are mapped.

Browse films to get psyched and inspired for your next climb or sit back and enjoy the work of others.

We love climbing and climbing culture. We hope you'll love

Suggestions? Why not get involved?! is a work in progress - we're adding new climbers videos everyday, but we need your help! Become one of our researchers and help us find the world's most inspiring climbing videos. Are there climbers, producers or sponsors we need to add? Or are there videos we've missed? With over 10k professionally produced climbing videos out there on the web, chances are we've missed quite a few! Contact us via Facebook or email and let us know

If you are a climber, content owner, producer, brand or sponsor - we'd love to hear from you. We have big plans and we want you to be part of them...

About the founder

Alex is a climber and passionate enthusiast for climbing culture. brings together his passion for climbing as well as his love for technology. By day, Alex works in product development for Sky, one of the world's most successfull pay TV companies. By night, he codes and builds!

Development Blog

V1.3 released - Oct 3, 2015
  • Moved domain from .co to .tv
  • New article page format featuring climber and producer images, resized video width
  • New search feature
  • New Most popular content page
  • New Dedicated A-Z Climber and Producer page
  • Cinematic backdrop to article pages can respond to time/date
  • Improvements in site efficiency - Apache deflate, gZip compression, img resize,
  • Further in-page SEO improvements - 301 redirects, 301 mod_rewrites, page caching, php caching
  • Bug fixes - crawl errors, css tweaks
V1.2 released - May 25, 2015
  • Tagging system overhauled and expanded- all article meta data is now based on tagging system. Semantic mapping begun
  • Site IA now flatter - cinematic homepage is gone - users land on content grid
  • All climber's, producer's and sponsor's page combined into new Explore page
  • Cinematic backdrop to article pages can respond to time/date
  • Article forecasting and scheduling system updated
  • In-page SEO and improvements to site efficiency
V1.1 released - Jan 15, 2015
  • Site live and debugged
  • Unique pages for climbers, producers and sponsors
  • Basic tagging feature for articles